Git commands for beginners

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Git commands for beginners

With multiple people working on a software project, co-ordination sometimes becomes difficult. Git is a version control system (VCS) for tracing changes in computer files and coordinating work on these files. Given below are a few commands that can be commonly used while using this VCS.

Clone remote repo:

git clone [repository-url]

Refresh repo for the latest from remote repo:

git pull

List all branches:

git branch -a

Switch branch:

git checkout [branch-name]

Check the status of the current repository:

git status

Add new files:

git add filename

Browse past commit information:

git log

Browse past commit information by using the one line option:

git log --online

Check-in changes:

git commit -m "Message to commit this file or directory" [directory-or-filename]

Compare file with past revision:

git diff cf39cd1 filename

Reset current branch head (HEAD) to the specified state:

git reset <paths>

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